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Poste Italiane strengthens its commitment for the protection of human rights

Poste Italiane strengthens its commitment for the protection of human rights

The guiding principles of Poste Italiane’s human rights policies and the measures implemented to ensure their respect within the Company and towards all stakeholders were illustrated by the CEO of Poste Italiane during the workshop organised with SIOI “Business and Human Rights: the role of Businesses for Sustainable Development”. The aim of the event was to confirm and strengthen the commitment made in 2018 by Poste Italiane with the approval of the Group Policy for the Protection of Human Rights. In this regard, Poste Italiane has confirmed its vision of a successful business model by reaffirming that this combination can only be affirmed in a society where the law, the protection of human rights and environmental sustainability are adequately safeguarded because the systematic use of Corporate Social Responsibility criteria can have a positive impact on competitiveness, now representing a minimum requirement for international economic markets.
Poste Italiane is aware that it can play a role in the affirmation of the principles of sustainable development in the Italian business world and works towards a common commitment, raising awareness and encouraging the exercise of responsibility and business improvement.

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fewer IT security incidents compared with 2016

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160 vehicles made available for the transport of foodstuffs to those in need

Poste Italiane and The 2019 National Food Collection Day

According to the principle of social engagement, the Company has joined the 2019 National Food Collection Day organised by the Banco Alimentare Onlus (not-for-profit Food Bank), which enables people to donate part of their shopping expenditure to those in need. Poste Italiane has made about 160 Company vehicles available for the transport of donated food items. Employees participated both as drivers and exclusively as volunteers at supermarkets.

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Poste Italiane Top Employer Italy

Poste Italiane Top Employer - Italy

Poste Italiane has been awarded the title of Top Employer Italy. The prestigious award was given to Poste by the Top Employers Institute, the global certification body for excellence in HR practices. The Top Employer Italia certification is in addition to the other awards given to Poste Italiane by Universum Global, a Swedish company specialized in employer branding. Universum Global place Poste Italiane second in relation to worklife balance, following the Most Attractive Employers Italy 2019 study carried out on a sample of over 40 thousand students and recent graduates from 44 Italian universities, identifying the most appealing employers based on the responses collected.

Moreover, the Company entered the ranking “World’s Best Employers 2019” drawn up by Forbes, which identifies the top 500 companies in the world in terms of quality of working life, in which the Group ranks second globally in the “Life & Health Insurance” sector and fourth among all Italian companies. Working for Poste Italiane means joining a large team, made up of about 130,000 people who, with skills, commitment and determination contribute to achieving the company’s goals by participating in the economic and social development of Italy. With widespread presence in the territory through a network of over 12,800 Post Offices, Poste Italiane aims to be an inclusive development engine for the Italian economy.


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The promotion of Mobility Management

The promotion of Mobility Management

In line with the provisions of the Policy, the Company is committed to raising employees’ awareness of environmental responsibility, promoting numerous events in the field of Mobility Management with the aim of improving the home-work travel of staff, promoting the use of public transport, car-pooling, alternative and collective mobility with low environmental impact and in relation to the optimisation of the entrance and parking areas of corporate offices.

In addition, with the aim of raising awareness of sustainable travel among its employees, in 2019, the Company invited employees to participate in the traditional National Bike to Work Day, the national event aimed at promoting the use of bicycles, especially for home-office travel. The company’s commitment to promoting employee participation in such events testifies to the fact that environmental sustainability and employee wellbeing are two cornerstones of the Group’s philosophy.

Initiatives to encourage cycling in urban mobility are also included in the PostePedala programme.

Sustainable finance

Poste promotes knowledge of ESG issues in investment processes

Poste promotes knowledge of ESG issues in investment processes

With the aim of disseminating and increasing the know-how of the management classes on the subject, in October 2019, the Group companies, BancoPosta Fondi SGR, Poste Vita and Poste Assicura, held an update session on the subject of responsible investment and ESG management for all the Directors and Statutory Auditors of the respective companies.
In addition, the companies spoke at the CSR and SRI 2019 trade fair to talk about impact investing, highlighting how the adoption of a sustainable investment strategy can create value for the investor and the company.